Monday, August 26, 2013

LETTER: Many Things Chip Away At America's Important Foundations

This is an editorial that I wrote to the Daily News Journal and it was printed on  8-26-13

  Every single day I hear something else that has happened to chip away at the foundations of our American culture, faith, and political system. The scourge of political correctness is a cancer in our society. We are under assault by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood who are insidiously working to gradually overwhelm American society from within. The homosexuals, a group of people that represent less than 2 percent of the American people are winning victory after victory in our courts and legislatures. Through academia, secondary education and pop culture our children and young people are indoctrinated to be more accepting of the homosexual lifestyle. Illegal immigrants are threatening the health of our economic system, medical system, criminal system, educational system, and absolutely nothing is being done to secure our borders. Atheists, who are also a small minority wield great power thwarting the will of the American people in regards to their First Amendment rights regarding their religious freedom.

  Spending is out control, which threatens the future prosperity of our children and our grandchildren. Government policy is placing the American economy into a permanent state of anemia causing people to have to work several jobs to survive and causing young people to live with their parents longer. Government now wields power over our very bodies because of Obamacare, another program that Americans never wanted and still to this day do not want. Our culture and our government welfare policies are creating chaos in the family unit. Babies are being made without much thought or care as to their future welfare. Single mothers and grandparents are raising far too many children and the tradition of marriage is passe.

I am sorry if I sound too cynical, but I believe, like the song of the early 1960s: we are on the eve of destruction. Liberals and the useful idiots will mock what I am saying, but the average American will agree with me because they know that I speak the truth. As a conservative I see far too few conservatives in government fighting for me. Far too many are pseudo conservatives. All I hear is people complaining, but nobody ever does anything. If they do anything, it is too little and too late. Like William Lloyd Garrison, "the apathy of the people is enough to make statues leap from their pedestals and hasten the resurrection of the dead." In my soul, I weep for my country.

Greg Segroves

Diane Street

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