Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's All Go Get A Whopper

  The libs are going crazy here lately over Burger Kings decision to move their corporate headquarters to Canada to avoid paying high American corporate taxes. I wonder if they get so upset when Hollywood movie producers film in Canada to avoid taxes. Of course we never hear about that. Instead of going crazy and calling them unpatriotic how about pushing for real tax reform in America. It is stupid to tax corporations anyway. The government is really taxing the consumer, which is that precious 99% that the libs are always crying over. I am a 99 percenter by the way. I am in the 50% with a brain however. Companies simply pass on the higher cost from higher taxation to the consumer which is a tax on the 99%. Lets do this. Do away with taxes on corporations, capital gains taxes, and inheritance taxes. Give us a reasonable flat tax, or a consumption tax. Do away with the graduated income tax which enables Democ-rats and Republic-rats to reward who they want to and punish who they want to. Abolish Obamacare, there are many cheaper alternatives that do not rob Americans of their liberties that we can implement. Closely regulate the money supply and quit wasting money. Deregulate American business and allow American companies to mine our vast energy resources like coal, oil, and natural gas using available technology to maintain a clean environment. Do all of this and the American economy will take off like a rocket. Tax revenues will be unbelievable. Burger King will return and Americans will achieve a level of prosperity unlike anything they have ever experienced. At least in the last ten years. I'm getting hungry. I think I will grab a Whopper on my way to work.

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