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Validation Of The Race Hustlers

Jesse Jackson with Martin Luther King on April 3, 1968

Al Sharpton with Tawana Brawley

  I can't think of two charlatans of any race in American history that have been more validated by the white liberal and government establishment than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Their whole history has been based on corruption, fraud, racism and negativism. I can't think of anything positive that they have ever done. They both have the title of Reverend but to my knowledge have never pastored a church. The white press and liberal politicians have designated them as black leaders and to my knowledge the black community has never acknowledged them as their leaders.  It it this validation by the liberal establishment burdened with white guilt that gives them power that they are not entitled to. It has given them the power to shakedown and bully American corporations by threatening boycotts. Both men have become multi-millionaires by this method. By comparison Martin Luther King never made more than 10,000 dollars a year in his life and he gave his life at the young age of 39. King kept the lid on violence contrary to the belief of many whites. He worked for positive change using non-violent tactics and language. Jackson and Sharpton on the other hand have done nothing but incite violence and racial hatred. They have been wined and dined by powerful businessmen, politicians, and presidents. They never miss an opportunity stand in front of a news camera to incite racial hatred. In most cases the facts and events usually show them to be on the wrong side of the issue. In the case of Jesse Jackson he has been associated with known communists and criminal elements.

  It is not necessary to list their many sins but I want to relate to the reader several incidents in their early career that were a precursor of things to come. Jesse Jackson has claimed to have been in King's close inner circle of advisors but everyone close to King claims otherwise. Jackson claimed to have been with him the night he was shot on April 4, 1968 in Memphis. The following is from Discover the Networks. org.

Lies about Dr. King's Assassination

Jesse Jackson Sr. clashed with Martin Luther King Jr. on a number of occasions during the Sixties, and he has often overstated the closeness of his relationship to King—even claiming to have been the last person King spoke to after he had been mortally wounded by an assassin's bullet on April 4, 1968. Specifically, Jackson claimed that he was on the balcony with King immediately after the latter had been shot, and that he had cradled the dying civil-rights leader in his arms as he took his final breaths. But in fact, at the moment King was shot, Jackson was actually in a nearby parking lot talking to a group of musicians. Kenneth Timmerman describes what happened next:

  “When the shots rang out, he [Jackson] fled and hid behind the swimming pool area and reappeared 20-30 minutes later when the television cameras arrived on the scene. That’s when Jesse Jackson told other Southern Christian Leadership Conference staffers, ‘Don’t you talk to the press, whatever you do.’ ... Nobody had given him that job. He took that job. Call it ‘entrepreneurial instinct’ if you wish, but on the spot he realized that he had an opportunity to spin the events to create his own persona and create a possibility for him to become a leader in the black movement. He had no prospects at that point.”

  The next morning, Jackson flew to Chicago to make a guest appearance on the NBC Today Show. In the few hours that had passed between the King assassination and Jackson’s flight to the Windy City, Jackson had already hired a public-relations agent to accompany him as he was transported from interview to interview in a chauffeur-driven car. Before a national television audience on the Today Show, Jackson donned a shirt that he claimed was smeared with the dying Dr. King’s blood. “He died in my arms,” Jackson lied.

 The following case occurred early in Al Sharpton's career that should seem familiar to his shenanigans of late regarding the deaths of Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin. In other words false charges being made that are eventually proven wrong but managing to stir up racial unrest in the process. The following is from Wikipedia regarding the supposed rape case of Tawana Brawley.

  On November 28, 1987, Tawana Brawley, who had been missing for four days from her home in Wappingers Falls, New York, was found seemingly unconscious and unresponsive, lying in a garbage bag several feet from an apartment where she had once lived. Her clothing was torn and burned, her body smeared with feces. She was taken to the emergency room, where the words "KKK", "nigger", and "bitch" were discovered written on her torso with a black substance described as charcoal.

 A detective from the Sheriff's Juvenile Aid Bureau, among others, was summoned to interview Brawley, but she remained unresponsive. The family requested a black officer, which the police department was able to provide. Brawley, described as having an "extremely spacey" look on her face, communicated with this officer with nods of the head, shrugs of the shoulder, and written notes. The interview lasted 20 minutes, during which she uttered only one word: "neon". Through gestures and writing, however, she indicated she had been raped repeatedly in a wooded area by three white men, at least one of whom, she claimed, was a police officer. A sexual assault kit was administered, and police began building a case. Brawley provided no names or descriptions of her assailants. She later told others that there had been no rape, only other kinds of sexual abuse. Forensic tests found no evidence that a sexual assault of any kind had occurred. There was no evidence of exposure to elements, which would have been expected in a victim held for several days in the woods at a time when the temperature dropped below freezing at night.

  Under the authority of New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams, a grand jury was called to hear evidence. On October 6, 1988, the grand jury released its 170-page report concluding Brawley had not been abducted, assaulted, raped and sodomized, as had been claimed by Brawley and her advisers. The report further concluded that the "unsworn public allegations against Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones" were false and had no basis in fact. To issue the report, the grand jury heard from 180 witnesses, saw 250 exhibits and recorded more than 6,000 pages of testimony.

  In the decision, the grand jury noted many problems with Brawley's story. Among these were that the rape kit results did not indicate sexual assault. Additionally, despite her claim of having been held captive outdoors for days, Brawley was not suffering from hypothermia, was well-nourished, and appeared to have brushed her teeth recently. Despite her clothing being charred, there were no burns on her body. Although a shoe she was wearing was cut through, Brawley had no injuries to her foot. The racial epithets written on her were upside down, which led to suspicion that Brawley had written the words. Testimony from her schoolmates indicated she had attended a local party during the time of her supposed abduction. One witness claimed to have observed Brawley's climbing into the garbage bag. The feces on her body were identified as coming from her neighbor’s dog. Brawley never testified

 I firmly believe that Americans of all races at the grass roots level are capable of fair judgements regarding such controversial issues if only they were given the true facts by a fair and impartial media. This would be accomplished easier if the race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton were suppressed. However in American society today this is nothing but a pipe dream.

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