Sunday, June 21, 2015

What If They Gave A Race War And Nobody Came?

Emanuel A.M.E. Church, Charleston S.C. during the 1800's
  As gospel singers my brother Mark and I have visited many different black churches over the years. No matter what church we attended the people were always very friendly and they bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. Many times we were the only white faces in the church. One of the sweetest and most authentic Christian ladies that I have ever known was Mrs. Sally Hicks who frequently invited us to sing at special church events and homecomings. I have to believe that Dylan Roof was warmly welcomed into that church by the very people that he later killed. How could he be received with such warmth and an hour later shoot them down in cold blood?  I can't imagine someone being that heartless. On top of that the victims family members faced this punk only hours after the shooting and God was glorified because they had the strength to forgive this guy. I question whether I could have that kind of faith. This is the difference from Christianity and all other religions in my view.
Emanuel Baptist
Emanuel Baptist today

  It is amazing to me that a people that have been as historically oppressed, as the black race in America, have not been more vindictive and violent toward white people. Many times white slave owners were oppressive out of fear more than anything else. They felt that the more ignorant their slaves were the safer they were. It was against the law to teach a slave how to read and write in most slave states. That is why the left indoctrinates rather than educates the masses today. It is easier to control us when we are ignorant. Starting in South Carolina in the 1500's there was a string of slave uprisings. The most famous was Haiti starting in 1791 and ending in 1804. It was a successful revolution in which the minority white population of 5,000 was massacred between February and April 1804. After the Haiti rebellion American slavery began to take on a harsher tone. Especially after 1820 as slavery expanded into the newly acquired cotton lands of Alabama and Mississippi.  In 1822 Denmark Vesey, a founder of the Emanuel A.M.E. church in Charleston tried to organize a slave revolt. Vesey was exposed by a fellow slave. He, along with 34 other slaves were hung. The plan was to kill white slave owners in Charleston, steal a ship and escape to Haiti. This news spread panic throughout the South.
The Haiti Rebellion

Denmark Plesey

  The bloody reprisals and revenge experienced in Haiti never came to fruition in the United States however. Nine years later there was the Nat Turner Rebellion in Virginia. Turner and his followers brutally killed about 70 white people. This spread shock waves of terror throughout the South. In 1859, John Brown, a white man, took over the Harpers Ferry arsenal in a forlorn attempt to spark a slave rebellion throughout the South and this was one of the many incidents that helped trigger the Civil War. Like Dylan Roof, Brown was a deranged man. The only difference was that, unlike Roof, he was on the right side of the issue. Most of these rebellions were an attempt to start a nationwide slave rebellion or a race war. The same thing that Charles Manson and Dylan Roof wanted to start.
The Nat Turner Rebellion
John Brown

  The blood letting of Haiti never happened in the U.S. because of the influence of the Christian church in America. It was faith like we have seen on display by the victims family members in Charleston. Because of the example set by Jesus they are willing to forgive rather than be consumed by hate. We must remember that Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner were preachers as well as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Much bad has come from the churches however. The message that most slave owners wanted their slaves to learn from the Bible was that they were to obey their masters. As so many people do even today it was an attempt to take the Bible out of context so as to justify an evil. The slave on the other hand saw the hope of the children of Israel who had been in bondage for 400 years, The slave was looking for his deliverance through their own Moses. The message of Jesus love toward his oppressors sustained them through those many years of injustice. It was also the white church in the North that began the abolition movement in America. The black church was the driving force behind the modern day Civil Rights movement of Martin Luther King. Racists whites look at King as a troublemaker in the same way as they look at Jackson and Sharpton. King however was the antithesis of these men. When other black leaders were encouraging violence and disorder King was trying to unite fair minded blacks and whites by an appeal to their conscience. He used the Bible, along with the non-violent philosophies of Ghandi and Thoreau. White people, and America as a whole, should be thankful for the peaceful influence of Martin Luther King and the church in America.
Martin Luther King

  We have a president however whose goal is to divide us. In his speech the day after the shooting he started out on the right note but then stooped to the base level of pushing his political agenda of gun control. He made it sound as if every white person in America collectively pulled the trigger on Dylan Roof's .45 caliber semiautomatic. We should focus on this tragedy in a healing way but instead today we are fuming over the words of this evil man. Our outrage is focused on him and Dylan Roof. The same thing happens every time there is a national tragedy. Whether it is Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, or this tragedy. The Democrats can't even wait until the bodies are removed from the crime scene before they disrespect the dead by crassly exploiting these tragedies. They love it when these incidents happen so they can push their gun control agenda. If a Muslim terrorist had done this, we would have to find out on our own that he was even a Muslim. In addition we would be cautioned not to leap to judgement. I am sure it would be classified as work place violence or some other misleading term. It would be dropped from mainstream news coverage as quickly as they could get away with it. Since a white racist male did this it will be headline news for weeks and months because this is gold for the Democratic mainstream press.
Dylan Roof

  During the Civil Rights struggles of 1940's, 50's and 60's, American presidents were embarrassed by racial strife here at home. America was trying to sell itself as a Democracy that was standing as an example against Communist totalitarianism. Yet the dictatorships of the world were correctly pointing their finger back at America and asking how we could be the shining light of Democracy when we treated our black people as second class citizens. In my view Obama wants racial division in America. He is mostly responsible for the racial divide today and he is not only dividing us along racial lines but along gender and economic lines. Obama is the most divisive president in American history. This man had a golden opportunity as the first black president to unite us as no other president. This evil man is not embarrassed by our problems. If anything he is proud of them. Obama wants us to appear on the world stage as the most violent country in the world when we are not. This is so he can push his anti-gun agenda in the UN. He also makes us out to be the most racist country when we are the least racist country in order to establish a national police force. Everything that the Community Organizer in Chief does is based on some agenda with the intent to divide. There is nothing more inspiring than to read the words of Lincoln or to listen to past presidents such as Kennedy or Reagan. I loved Lincoln's Malice Toward None speech and Kennedy's inaugural address. Reagan's speeches still give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes. Obama words fill me with rage and I can't stand to even look at him. It has nothing to do with the darkness of his skin but everything to do with the darkness of his soul. It is only because of the gospel, the same gospel that sustains the relatives of these shooting victims, that keeps me from hating Obama in a personal way. My prayer is that God will work a miracle and create in him a new man. .      


  1. One of your best blogs, Greg! The story-line moves along like a Cadillac cruising on a newly paved highway. Your writing has improved significantly. There is no question that race relations have worsened under this administration. It seems that every event, good or bad, is seen as a political tool to be used by them. Caution about calling our President "evil". That word should be reserved for the likes of Dylan Roof and the Islamic terrorists.

  2. I am sorry but I think that anyone who would exploit every situation for political gain is evil. He can't wait for the bodies to be removed from the crime scene before he exploits this tragedy. Then he hops on his plane to go golfing. He is Machiavellian and a follower of Alinsky. That is evil to me. You can be evil without killing anyone but much of the blood spilled in recent riots is on his hands.

  3. I am sorry but I think that anyone who would exploit every situation for political gain is evil. He can't wait for the bodies to be removed from the crime scene before he exploits this tragedy. Then he hops on his plane to go golfing. He is Machiavellian and a follower of Alinsky. That is evil to me. You can be evil without killing anyone but much of the blood spilled in recent riots is on his hands.