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The Clinton Crime Family

  Bernie Sanders in the first Democratic debate said "People are sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton's damn e-mails". Well Bernie I am sick & tired of the crimes of the Clinton's being distorted and trivialized by the press, the Democratic leadership, and Clinton supporters. I don't think that you can find two more corrupt people than Bill and Hillary Clinton. Certainly we have had corrupt presidents and politicians over the years that can be cited. The Crump machine in Tennessee, the Pendergast machine in Missouri, the Curly machine in Boston, Tammany Hall, and the Daley machine in Chicago. In addition the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant and Warren Harding, although they themselves were not personally involved in the corruption. They simply made bad cabinet choices. Of course we can't leave out Nixon and Obama. Nixon however looks like a Boy Scout next to the Clinton's or Obama.

  When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992 the Clinton's told us that if we got Bill we also got Hillary. They were a two for one deal and co-equal partners. They are a political tag team. The last place in the world that Hillary Clinton wanted to be was Arkansas in the mid 1970's. It was hicksville to her. However her political ambitions were so strong that she was willing to do anything to rise to the top of the heap. She saw Bill Clinton as her meal ticket. He was a driven young politician that was going places. With her loyalty and help he would rise to the top first and she would fulfill her destiny on his coattails. This doesn't sound all that feminist coming from one of our supposed top feminist leaders in America. Feminists have always preached to me that a woman doesn't need a man to succeed. After being fired by Jerry Ziefman, the Democratic Chief of Staff of the House judiciary committee investigating Watergate, she left Washington for Arkansas to marry Bill in 1975. Ziefman wrote a book in 2006 called (Hillary's Pursuit of Power). On his website he said “Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to be either a senator or president — and if she were to become president, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson will be destroyed.” Before leaving Washington she was warned by her father and brother not to come to Arkansas because her fiance was chasing every skirt that he saw. They were there working on Bill's campaign for the state office of Attorney General in Arkansas. Regardless of this news she went ahead with the marriage. Her ambition trumped Bill's fidelity.

  Bill was elected Attorney General and it was during his campaign for governor that he brutally raped Juanita Broaddrick. Clinton raped her after biting down on her bottom lip to force her on to a bed. After he finished and was leaving Broaddrick stated. “Casually” he told her to put ice on her swollen lip he had bitten during the alleged attack. “Then he … put on his sun glasses and walked out the door,” Rape was not enough to make Hillary leave Bill. Instead of leaving him she approached Broaddrick at a campaign function a few weeks later and in a subtle manner thanked her for her silence. Broaddrick was afraid to come forward about the rape because Bill was the top law enforcement officer in the state and she was naturally afraid of the consequences. I have also read that most rapes are not even reported by women as a rule. The following is Broaddrick's account of her encounter with Hillary. "It happened at a political rally, in Van Buren, Arkansas in the spring of 1978, at the home of local dentist," Broaddrick begins. "She came directly to me as soon as she hit the door. I had been there only a few minutes, I only wanted to make an appearance and leave. She caught me and took my hand and said 'I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill.'" "Here her husband had just done this to me, and she was coming up to thank me? It was scary... "I started to turn away and she held onto my hand and reiterated her phrase -- looking less friendly and repeated her statement----'Everything you do for Bill'. I said nothing. She wasn't letting me get away until she made her point. She talked low, the smile faded on the second thank you. I just released her hand from mine and left the gathering." "I was in state of shock... nausea went all over me..

  I could list all of the scandals during Clinton's years as governor and president, which are legion, Instead I will simply challenge the reader to find out about these on their own. Keep in mind that Hillary is usually involved in these scandals either directly or by working to cover them up. One of the scandals that I will talk about is Troopergate. Bill would use selected Arkansas State Troopers out of his personal bodyguard to select women for sexual encounters. One of his most loyal and trusted Troopers for this role was Danny Ferguson. These were his high level encounters. Bill was known to have sex with street prostitutes while he would perform his daily jog near capital grounds in Little Rock. One of the black prostitutes would allegedly give birth to Bill's child. This would be portrayed in the movie Primary Colors starring John Travolta as Clinton. One of the women selected by the Troopers for a Clinton sexual liaison was state employee Paula Jones. The following are the facts of the case.




Plaintiff, ) CIVIL ACTION NO.

) LR-C-94-290

v. )




Defendants. ) ) Filed May 6, 1994

6. On or about March 11, 1991, Jones began work as an Arkansas State employee for the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission (hereafter "AIDC"), an agency within the executive branch of the State of Arkansas. The Governor of Arkansas is the chief executive officer of the executive branch of the State of Arkansas.

7. On May 8, 1991, the AIDC sponsored the Third Annual Governor's Quality Management Conference (hereafter "Conference"), which was held at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, delivered a speech at the Conference on that day.

8. Also on that day, Jones worked at the registration desk at the Conference along with Pamela Blackard (hereafter "Blackard") another AIDC employee.

9. A man approached the registration desk and informed Jones and Blackard that he was Trooper Danny Ferguson, Bill Clinton's bodyguard. Defendant Ferguson was at that time a law enforcement officer within the ranks of the Arkansas State Police and assigned to the Governor's Security Detail. He was in street clothes and displayed a firearm on his person. He made small talk with Jones and Blackard and then left.

10. At approximately 2:30 p.m. on that day, Ferguson reappeared at the registration desk, delivered a piece of paper to Jones with a four digit number written on it and said: "The Governor would like to meet with you" in this suite number. Plaintiff had never met Defendant Clinton and saw him in person for the first time at the Conference.

11. A three-way conversation followed between Ferguson, Blackard and Jones about what the Governor could want. Jones, who was then a rank-and-file Arkansas state employee being paid approximately $ 6.35 an hour, thought it was an honor to be asked to meet the Governor. Ferguson stated during the conversation: "It's okay, we do this all the time for the Governor."

12. Jones agreed to meet with the Governor because she thought it might lead to an enhanced employment opportunity with the State. Blackard told Jones that she would assume Plaintiff's duties at the registration desk.

13. Trooper Ferguson then escorted Jones to the floor of the hotel suite whose number had been written on the slip of paper Trooper Ferguson had given to Jones. The door was slightly ajar when she arrived at the suite.

14. Jones knocked on the door frame and Clinton answered. Plaintiff entered. Ferguson remained outside.

15. The room was furnished as a business suite, not for an overnight hotel guest. It contained a couch and chairs, but no bed.

16. Clinton shook Jones' hand, invited her in, and closed the door.

17. A few minutes of small talk ensued, which included asking Jones about her job. Clinton told Jones that Dave Harrington is "my good friend." On May 8, 1991, David Harrington was Director of the AIDC, having been appointed to that post by Governor Clinton. Harrington was Jones' ultimate superior within the AIDC.

18. Clinton then took Jones' hand and pulled her toward him, so that their bodies were in close proximity.

19. Jones removed her hand from his and retreated several feet.

20. However, Clinton approached Jones again. He said: "I love the way your hair flows down your back" and "I love your curves." While saying these things, Clinton put his hand on Plaintiff's leg and started sliding it toward the hem of Plaintiff's culottes. Clinton also bent down to attempt to kiss Jones on the neck.
21. Jones exclaimed, "What are you doing?" and escaped from Clinton's physical proximity by walking away from him. Jones tried to distract Clinton by chatting with him about his wife. Jones later took a seat at the end of the sofa nearest the door. Clinton asked Jones: "Are you married?" She responded that she had a regular boyfriend. Clinton then approached the sofa and as he sat down he lowered his trousers and underwear exposing his erect penis and asked Jones to "kiss it."

22. There were distinguishing characteristics in Clinton's genital area that were obvious to Jones.

23. Jones became horrified, jumped up from the couch, stated that she was "not that kind of girl" and said: "Look, I've got to go." She attempted to explain that she would get in trouble for being away from the registration desk.

24. Clinton, while fondling his penis said: "Well, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do." Clinton then stood up and pulled up his pants and said: "If you get in trouble for leaving work, have Dave call me immediately and I'll take care of it." As Jones left the room Clinton looked sternly at Jones and said: "You are smart. Let's keep this between ourselves.

  Paula, like Broaddrick, told personal friends about the encounter but chose not to go public or file charges. The incident happened on May 8, 1991 but in 1993 David Brock of the Conservative magazine (American Spectator) broke the story about Troopergate. The story was about how the Troopers arranged dates for Governor Clinton. One of the women mentioned was named Paula. When Paula Jones heard about this she was scared that people would think it was her and that she had sex with Clinton. In order to protect her reputation she filed a lawsuit against Clinton asking for an apology and 750,000 dollars. By then Clinton was president and Judge Susan Weber Wright decided her case lacked merit because it didn't meet the definition of sexual harassment. Jones appealed and won. Clinton lawyers argued that a sitting president could not be sued by a private citizen while in office. The court ruled that the case could go forward. Now lets think about this for a minute. The court for a long time has been half liberal and half conservative. With nine members there is usually a swing vote on controversial matters. The Court ruled unanimously in favor of Jones which is highly unprecedented.

  Jones lawyers tried to put together a list of women who had sexual relations with Clinton or had been harassed by him in order to establish a pattern of behavior. Monica Lewinsky was subpoenaed to testify. Under oath Clinton denied having sex with Lewinsky. She tried to get her friend Linda Tripp to lie under oath. Clinton looked directly into television cameras and told the American people that he did not have sex with "that woman, Monica Lewinsky". Then Monica revealed the existence of famous semen stained dress. When special prosecutor Kenneth Starr asked Clinton for a DNA test he knew the jig was up and confessed to the nation. Clinton would be impeached by the House of Representatives and acquitted by a gutless Republican Senate. In the end Paula Jones won 850,000 dollars and no apology to settle. Of that lawyers took all but 200,000. I have heard that Paula was willing to accept just an apology in a deal worked out by Jones and Clinton's lawyers. This was before Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. However Hillary was furious and forbade him to apologize. If true an apology might have prevented the Lewinsky scandal.

  Richard Nixon was forced to resign because the Watergate (smoking gun) tape revealed that he ordered the CIA to impede an FBI investigation of the Watergate break-in of Democratic headquarters. This was obstruction of justice. An act that Nixon deserved to be impeached for. There is much evidence that Nixon did not even know about the break-in but ordered the cover-up because of his fear of political embarrassment. The Monica Lewinsky scandal was also an obstruction of justice by Clinton. Paula Jones was suing a sitting president. Regardless of what you might think of Jones or her motives she had every legal right to do that and was backed up by a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court. His attempt to use Monica Lewinsky to ask Linda Tripp to lie under oath and himself lying under oath was obstruction of justice deserving of impeachment and removal from office.

  If you count the multiple scandals that the Clinton's have been involved in over the years Nixon looks like a saint. However Nixon paid the price, and the Clinton's haven't. The press, Saturday Night Live, late night comedians and liberal talking heads shaped American opinion. The Lewinsky scandal was about sex in the eyes of too much of the American public. He was made to look like a lovable rogue. In the eyes of the press this offense did not rise to the level of impeachment. Besides, people believed that he was responsible for the best economy in many years. The press was an enemy to Nixon. He won the fourth largest landslide in American History in 1972. Because of a relentless attack by liberal press and continuous daytime coverage of the Watergate hearings he was forced out of office in 1974, just two years later. There was no conservative talk radio or Fox News to counter this onslaught at the time. Nor were there multiple cable channels to distract people from the Watergate hearings and news coverage. In much of the country cable was not available. Instead of soap opera's people during the daytime were forced to watch news coverage of the scandal.

  Bill Clinton wanted to run for president in 1988 but was advised not to because Hillary wasn't sure how many women Clinton had been with. Betsy Wright, a Clinton aide grilled Bill until he revealed the names of all the women. Normally a wife would compile this kind of list as evidence in a divorce trial. Hillary wanted to know so she could put together a good defense in order to help her husbands election chances in 1992. This was called Bimbo eruptions. Any woman that was a threat to Bill Clinton regardless of their background was turned into a whore and a slut by the Clinton propaganda machine. This would include Monica Lewinsky and she is still too dumb to realize this. When Gennifer Flowers produced tapes that were damaging to his campaign when he was running for president in 1992 Hillary saved his butt by coming to Bill's defense on a Sixty Minutes interview right before the Super Bowl. The Sixty Minutes producer Don Hewitt later admitted on film that his editing of that interview saved the Clinton candidacy.

  When you ask people why they liked Bill Clinton the only thing that they can come up with is that we enjoyed a good economy. A good economy was instrumental in saving the Clinton presidency. It was all about timing. Clinton could not have come into office at a better time and left at a better time. The economy was on the way up when he came in and on the way down when he left office. He was president during the longest economic growth cycle in American history that was created by Reagan and didn't end until the crash of 2007. Reagan inherited a worse economy than the one Obama inherited in 2008. It was the worse economy since the great depression. Interest rates were over 20%, which shut the real estate market down. Inflation was out of control and we were in a period of stagflation. Our heavy industries in the North were dying because of foreign competition and the fact that American companies refused to modernize in order to compete with the Japanese. This was a time when Northern workers invaded the South and West looking for work. On top of that the oil shortage of 1979 caused the American car industry to almost go under due to producing gas guzzling cars and inferior quality cars. By the end of 1982 we were out of the recession. He drastically cut the marginal tax rate, deregulated industry, and closely monitored the currency supply. He wanted to cut spending but was unable to because of the Democratic Congress. His build-up of our military forces would increase the deficit but it would contribute to the fall of the Soviet Union. Clinton would benefit the most from the collapse of the Soviet Union which produced the so-called Peace Dividend.

  In 1991 Bush 41 was presiding over a mild recession that was exploited in the press. This recession primarily affected white collar workers due to company downsizing. Clinton also exploited this recession by constantly pounding on the economy. Remember "It's the economy stupid" slogan. The economy was on the mend in 1992 but the Clinton strategy combined with a horrible Bush campaign and the fact that he reneged on his campaign promise of "Read my lips, no new taxes" pledge, Bush went down in defeat. Clinton met with Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan and agreed to cut spending if he would not raise interest rates which Greenspan agreed not to do. Clinton managed to cut spending on the backs of the military which is what Democrats are good at. The 16 active combat divisions that won the first Gulf War were cut to 8. Our Navy and Air Force was also downsized. In 1994 the Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress with the Contract with America. This landslide was partly the result of voter anger over Hillary's heavy handed attempt to reform health care. American's didn't want Hillarycare then and they don't want Obamacare now. The Conservatives were able to pass a comprehensive Welfare Reform Act that Clinton was forced to sign in order to win the 1996 election. This is why Clinton ended up with a great economy and a surplus. I can't think of any president in history that is known because he enjoyed a good economy. The only one I can remember is for a bad economy. Hoover was remembered because his policies failed to bring us out of the depression. If this country is still around 100 years from now I suspect that Clinton will be like Andrew Johnson. Remembered for his scandals and the fact that he was the second president to be impeached. By the time Clinton left Office Bush 43 inherited a slowing economy but he managed to pump new life into it by passing the Bush tax cuts. September 11th would threaten it again. However the combination of the housing industry boom and the tax cuts the economy would come back until the lack of government regulation by both Democrats and Republicans caused the housing bubble that would lead to the crash of 2007.

  If you ask people to name one accomplishment of Hillary Clinton both as a Senator and Secretary of State they give you a blank stare or they stutter a lot. At least in Bill's case people can give him credit for the economy but beyond that they can't think of anything. Now this corrupt and evil woman, Hillary Clinton, is wanting to be elected to the most important office in the land. I am not completely up on her e-mail scandal but I have seen people go to jail for a whole lot less. General Petraeus was indicted for exposing classified material to his mistress. At a minimum if Hillary was a regular citizen or less famous she could serve ten years in prison for her crimes. Like all previous scandals Bill and Hillary are expert at minimizing them. In this case I believe that Obama does not want her to be president and he is responsible for leaking the e-mail scandal. Whether she is indicted will depend on Barack Obama since he controls the Justice Department. Bottom line is this. If the Republicans can't beat Hillary with all of her baggage then they should give up and go home. Personally I believe that Carly Fiorina, or Ted Cruz would be her worst nightmare as an opponent. In addition Donald Trump and Ben Carson would also be formidable. I shudder at the thought of another Clinton presidency. The Republicans still have a window of opportunity to open up an old fashioned can of whoop ass on the Democrats this time. It all depends on who they choose to run for president.


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