Monday, November 16, 2015

My Plan Of Action To Defeat Islamic Terror

1. Radical Islam is our enemy and has been at war with us for a very long time. Since the beginning of our country. If you don't believe me, read a book called (From The Shores Of Tripoli). It is about Thomas Jefferson, the US Navy, the US Marines and the fight against the Barbary Pirates. 

2. Islam is not a religion of peace. The people who are trying to kill us are going by the Quran. Read the book. The reason most Muslims are good people is because they are not living by the book. Radical Islam's goal is a world wide caliphate. If you are an atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, or Jew you are a heretic and are a target. During the Ottoman Empire Christians and Jews were tolerated if they submitted to the authority of the Muslim state. They were considered people of the book. This is not the case today. Modern day Muslims consider Christian's and Jews to be heretics because we have a false religion. There is only one choice for the heretic. Convert or die.   

2. Most Muslims are good people but most terrorists are Muslim. The good Muslims are irrelevant because they cannot or will not stop terrorism. Just like most Germans were good people but they didn't stop Hitler. Most Americans are good people but we allowed Obama to be elected and to get away with blatant violations of the constitution. Therefore we are irrelevant.

3. We cannot win this war by being politically correct. Political correctness must die a violent death if we are to survive as a country. It is time to declare a Jihad on political correctness. 

4. Sharia law must be banned in America, period. See number 3.

5. We must secure our borders immediately. If I have a leaky faucet, I cannot fix the problem until I go to the meter box and turn off the water in my front yard. Stopping this invasion can be done by building walls along both our Mexican and Canadian borders. Also securing our airports and seaports. I don't want to hear that this is impossible. Kennedy said that we were going to put a man on the moon when I was 11 and we did it when I was 19. We had the will to put a man on the moon. In my opinion securing our borders will be easier than putting a man on the moon. Where there is a will there is a way.

6. Once our borders are secured we can set up examination stations all over the United States to vet the people who are here. These stations would serve the same function that Ellis Island served after the turn of the century in clearing immigrants for entry into the United States. If they are carrying dangerous diseases are criminals, drug users, and undesirables they will be deported. If they are potentially productive citizens, who are willing to assimilate into American society, we can allow them to begin the process of becoming American citizens. Many illegals will self deport if we establish heavy fines on employers who hire illegals. Prison sentences if they continue hiring them. Stop all welfare and entitlements going to illegals. If we do this we will not have to deport that many people. We should not allow the Syrian Muslim refugees to migrate to the US. There is no way to adequately vet them. America should implement universal military training. We are at war and every young male should be required to serve two years in the military. Women should be allowed to volunteer. Anyone who wants to be eligible for overseas combat can volunteer for that. Everybody else will be assigned to border duty. God knows that a good dose of order and discipline would benefit many, if not most of our young people.

7. Eliminate gun free zones. Allow people that are qualified to carry concealed in areas that are considered soft targets. I encourage concealed because this would serve a twofold purpose. The bad guy needs to always be kept guessing who is armed. The armed person doesn't need to bring attention to themselves and make an unnecessary target. In addition guns make many people nervous and if guns are out of sight they are out of mind. If businesses insist on maintaining gun free zones they must realize that they will be held financially responsible if they fail to provide adequate armed security in the event that anyone is hurt or killed on their premises by an active shooter or terrorist. Laws should be passed that would make businesses liable for large fines.We must put economic pressure on businesses by boycotting them.

8. Begin an extensive training program on methods of defeating terrorism. To teach people how to look for the warning signs of terrorism and how to prevent an attack before it happens. What to do if there is a terrorist attack. This should be done in schools, social clubs, churches, community organizations and by public service announcements. 

9. America should be the moral leader of the world. We should concentrate on building the best Army, Air Force and Navy. Modernizing our nuclear forces and begin the testing of nuclear weapons. There has not been a test of a nuclear weapon since 1992. Improve our intelligence gathering. America's technological capabilities are such that we will not have to employ much more than special forces such as Air Force Forward Air Controllers and Combat Control teams to support friendly ground forces in the Middle East. Such as the Kurd's for example. 

  I don't expect these things to ever happen but if I were president this would be my plan for defending America. There are going to be more attacks such as what happened in Paris. Sooner or later these type of attacks will happen here. We have already seen many lone wolf attacks such as at Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, and so many other places. It amazes me that 14 years after September 11th 2001 we are still not doing what we need to do to protect the American people. People will continue to die because of the governments incompetence. Bush was calling Islam a religion of peace hijacked by radical Islamic extremists after September 11th. He was wrong. Islam is a violent religion and the terrorists are following a plan of action that is outlined in the Quran. They know exactly what they want and how they want to accomplish their goal of a world wide caliphate. At least Bush went after them and was not afraid to use the words Islamic terrorists. Obama won't even go that far. He and the Democrats wont define who the enemy is and they have no plan of action to fight them. Incredibly they believe that the hoax of climate change is a greater threat to us than Islamic terror. I do not expect Obama to do anything while he is in office and even if a Republican wins in 2016 they will have to make a believer out of me.    

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