Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The History of Political Correctness

  For many years I thought that my generation had the greatest negative impact on this country along with the administration of Lyndon Johnson. Johnson's policies were the catalyst that gave birth to the radical politics of the left that is now running rampant in the form of the modern day Democratic Party. Political correctness is a tool of the left and a big part our culture today. If people understood its history and how dangerous and insidious that it is they would not be so tolerant of it. Political correctness has been around for a while and goes back to World War I. Karl Marx believed that capitalism would fall of it's own weight and was willing to give it time to implode from within. The disparities between rich and poor or the bourgeoisie and proletariat would become greater and greater until the proletariat would rise up in rebellion to replace the bourgeoisie as the ruling class. As time went on however the proletariat continued to reject Marxism. 

  When World War I began many Marxists believed that the war would be the thing that would unite the working class. The proletariat in Germany for example had more in common with the proletariat in France and England than they had with the ruling classes in their own countries. They believed that the proletariat would refuse to fight. When the proletariat marched off to fight for their individual countries in a great surge of patriotism the Marxists were thoroughly disappointed. They blamed Western culture. The Marxists established "think tanks". Sounds familiar? These think tanks determined that the only way that economic Marxism could succeed was if western culture was destroyed. So they created cultural Marxism. This is the purpose of political correctness. The United States is being fundamentally changed and a big part of that change is the destruction of our value system. Our education system on both the secondary and higher educational level has been taken over by these people. They realize if they can indoctrinate our youth that will go a long way toward destroying western culture. 

  Multiculturalism and identity politics are dividing the people into warring classes. We are seeing the deconstruction of western society. Most people are logical and political correctness is not logical. What political correctness does is attempt to end logical and reasonable debate. If you are against gay marriage for perfectly legitimate religious reasons and legal reasons the left will not entertain debate. You are just anti-gay or a homophobe in their mind. If you are a woman and believe that government tax money should not be used to buy contraceptives and pay for abortions then you are part of a war on women and anti-woman. In order to receive the protection of the feminists you must be a member of the political left. Otherwise you do not legitimately exist as a woman. If you are against quota's in hiring. Where whites are by-passed even though they are more qualified for a job in order to fill a quota then you are a racist. If you are black and feel this way then you are not really black. You are a sell-out and Uncle Tom. If you have a legitimate concern about the influx of radical Islam and Sharia law into America then you are an Islamophobe. Finally if you are against illegal immigration because of the negative effect on our culture. The overburdening of our criminal justice system, our educational system. welfare and entitlement system, balooning our deficit, and the fact that it  puts Americans out of work. It doesn't matter, you are a nativist and a racist. 

  The thing that I have noticed about political correctness is that what is politically correct today will be politically incorrect tomorrow. When I was a kid the politically correct term for black person was colored. This is why the N.A.A.C.P. is called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Later the word Negro became the politically correct term. By the time I was married in 1968 the accepted term was black. I didn't have a problem with that because I was white and they were black. Made perfect sense to me. For a short while it became Afro-American and finally African-American. In my view this is where I had to draw the line.. I refuse to use the term African-American. It is not even a proper term. A real African-American would be an African who migrates to this country and is naturalized as an American. Furthermore that person could be white or black and be a an African-American. Black people who are born in this country are not African-Americans but Americans of African descent. Just like I am an American of European descent. That is too much of a mouthful and I refuse to say it. So I will just continue using the term black people. Political correctness is like telling a joke. You don't know where the joke originated but you empower the joke by re-telling it. Each person will tell the next person and the cycle continues. We should analyze each term we hear and only give that word power if it is logical to do so. As a society we must realize that political correctness is the machine that the left is using to dismantle our culture in order to bring about the ultimate triumph of Marxism.    


  1. "Black is Beautiful"! was the cry of the sixties. I had black friends and they felt a new sense of pride with that statement. "African American" is a way to give them more dignity. President Obama's Dad would qualify for that term, because he came to the U.S. from Kenya. Unfortunately, he was an America hater and anti colonialist. We used to call homosexuals, "homo" but mostly "queers". I believe the word "queer is more fitting because it means, "strange and unusual". "Gay", on the other hand means, "happy and carefree". They stole the word "gay" from the English lexicon and turned it into a new meaning. There is an organization called "Queer Nation". So I guess its O.K. for them to call themselves "queer". I believe your excellent thesis might be summed up by the words of a very brilliant Jewish Rabbi named "Paul". In his letter to the Roman Church he said the day will come…"when they will call 'good' 'evil', and 'evil' 'good'.