Thursday, February 26, 2015


Ketchup or Catsup - A little history

  Ketchup, or if you prefer catsup, was first recorded as being used to enhance the flavor of food in 544 BC. It was originally made from fermented fish guts. It's original name was kôechiap. This product was imported from the East Indies. In the 1690's the British began tampering with the recipe and started calling it catchup. By 1711 they were using the term ketchup. At this time people were using fermented anchovies as it's basic ingredient. Since anchovies were not always available they began using mushrooms and walnuts by the mid 1700's. People also experimented with other ingredients. It wasn't until the early 1800's that tomatoes became the basic ingredient of ketchup. Ketchup also came to America about this time. It is believed that the reason there are two terms, ketchup and catsup, is because ketchup is a higher quality form than catsup. Heinz began selling the two versions in the 1880's. Catsup was less expensive than ketchup.

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