Sunday, November 27, 2016

America First

  Richard Nixon was the first presidential candidate and future president, that I ever saw in person. It was totally unexpected. My elementary school class was on a field trip to the Weather Bureau at the Nashville airport in the Fall of 1960. After finishing our tour I thought we were going to board the school bus and ride back to Martha Vaught Elementary, just off of White Bridge Road in West Nashville. To my surprise the teacher said that we were going over to watch Vice President Nixon land at the airport on a campaign stop to Nashville. There was a large crowd, as what looked like a DC-3 landed, and taxied over to the terminal and an excited crowd of Nixon supporters. Steps were rolled up to the plane and soon Richard and Pat Nixon were heartily waving to the crowd. Nixon girls were leading people in a campaign song. They were singing the children's song Merrily We Roll Along but to different lyrics."We want Nixon, we want Nixon, we want Nixon, to be our president". Even though I had no conception of politics at the age of ten I became a Nixon supporter for two reasons. The excitement of seeing Nixon in person and the fact that my dad liked him. My mother supported Kennedy. In 1960 Richard Nixon lost to John Kennedy in one of the closest elections in American history. Not until the following day, Wednesday November 9, did Nixon finally concede the election to Kennedy. It has been alleged that the Daley machine in Chicago, along with the mafia, helped Kennedy win the state of Illinois. It is also believed that Johnson helped Kennedy win through voter fraud in Texas. The margin of victory in the Electoral College was 303 to 219. In the popular vote Kennedy won by only 112,000 votes out of 68 million cast. This is a margin of just 0.2 percent. Kennedy won by 9,000 votes in Illinois and 46,000 votes in Texas. It is alleged that dead people voted in both Illinois and Texas. Along with illegal Mexican voters that a Johnson operative trucked into the precincts next to the Mexican border. If Nixon had won these two states he would have been elected by just two electoral votes. Many pro Kennedy supporters have argued that Kennedy won fair and square. We will never really know for sure. Just like today, Democrats argue that there is not a problem with voter fraud in this country. Most people with a brain know better however. On November 14, 1960 Kennedy flew to Key Biscayne to confer with Nixon. This in itself was unprecedented. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall. No one really knows what Kennedy and Nixon talked about. Kennedy told reporters after the meeting that they were "very cooperative". They discussed "the many problems facing the United States." It is my belief that Nixon knew how Kennedy won that election and Kennedy knew that he knew. Kennedy met Nixon face to face, in my opinion, for assurance that he would not challenge the election results. Nixon later stated that he did not want to put the nation through that kind of turmoil. 

He was greatly impacted by this election. Nixon would be overly paranoid of the Kennedy's for years and this paranoia would ultimately lead to the corruption of Watergate. Many of the political dirty tricks tactics of the Nixon years were learned from the Kennedy campaign of 1960. Say what you will about Nixon but he proved his patriotism in 1960. In my opinion the country would be so much better off today if Nixon had won in 1960 or Kennedy had not been assassinated in 1963. There would have been no War on Poverty. No escalation of the war in Vietnam since Nixon and Kennedy had very similar views on foreign policy. They were both Cold Warriors. Nixon, like Kennedy, was committed to Civil Rights and there would have been a smoother transition in that area. There would not have been a radical change in the American culture or the rise of the radical left. Without the double plagues of the war in Vietnam and the War on Poverty there would have been no radical rise in drug use. No radical change in the welfare and entitlement system. No deterioration of America's morals caused by the rise of the counterculture, or (Hippie) movement. All of these things have worked to undermine the American family, our traditional values and our form of government. 

It is because of the radical takeover of the Democrat Party that we had the situation that we faced in the election of 2000 and this bogus effort to recount votes today in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Nixon was hated by the Democrat Party and the Democrat mainstream media. Although he violated the law by obstructing justice during Watergate scandal he displayed his love of country and patriotism by not challenging a clearly questionable election in 1960. Hillary Clinton does not give a rats behind what could possibly happen to this country by challenging this election. I don't think she will succeed, but could we even imagine what might happen if some corrupt Obama appointed judge is successful in tying up the election results in court, or even worse declare that Hillary won the election. Does she really think that the people who voted for Trump are going to stand back and let it happen? This could cause a Civil War. Then she will find out how deplorable we can really be. The Clinton's are like the proverbial monster or bad guy in the movies that you think are finally dead and they keep coming back to life. Hillary saw her political life, and reason for living slip away from her on election night. Being the total narcissist that she is Hillary cannot relate to the idea of putting country before self.

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