Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One Flew Over The American Cuckoo Nest

There are many things in life that I cannot relate to. I cannot relate to a person who could murder someone in cold blood or even do it in the heat of an argument. Nor could I relate to a person that would purposely injure or sexually molest a child or has an abortion during a normal pregnancy. I cannot relate to a person who would jump out of a perfectly good airplane or play with snakes, especially poisonous ones. Finally I cannot relate to someone who likes Barack Obama but disagrees with his policies. Obama's approval ratings are over 50% and as high as 55% in some polls. This does not square with the 70% that believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. Contrary to the opinion of Donald Trump I believe that this election, like the congressional election of 2010 and senatorial election of 2014 was a rejection of Obama's very unpopular policies of the last eight years. Either America is schizophrenic or the polls are wrong. I have been told that although America doesn't like his policies they like him personally. This is the part that I can't relate to. It is almost like the Stockholm syndrome. We have been held hostage by this man for the last eight years but we have grown fond of our captor. I detest the man. When he speaks, or shows his face on television, I leave the room or change channels. It is not because he is Black. I equally detest Bill and Hillary Clinton. My reaction was the same when Bill was president. I am in no way comparing Obama to Hitler but to me it would be like meeting Hitler personally. Your sitting there knowing what he has done to the Jews and the atrocities that he has committed but he just strikes you as a nice guy in person. Like Obama, he would be a great guy to have a beer with. The same things were said about Bill Clinton. I'm sorry. I am not built that way. The whole time I would be with him I couldn't help but think about the damage he has done to the country that I love. My love of country far exceeds my ability to yuk it up with someone like that. Ronald Reagan had a 65% approval rating when he left office in 1989. The American people not only liked Reagan but they wanted his policies to continue. This is why we elected George H. W. Bush. However Bush was not a true conservative. He did not continue the policies of Reagan. Bush was an establishment Republican. His campaign slogan was that he wanted a kinder, gentler nation. As if conservatism did not advocate kinder and gentler. To me this was a slap in the face to the man and movement that enabled him to reach the highest office in the land. For being an establishment Republican he was kicked out on his fanny in 1992 by Bill Clinton. This is what the establishment does. Conservatism gets the establishment Republicans to the dance but they always leave with a different partner. The people notice this treachery and they pay a price for it in the end. Just like the establishment Republicans will pay a price again if they fail to take advantage of the golden opportunity handed to them over the next four years.

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