Nikki and Ben Goeser


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  On most things the Founding Fathers got it right. There is nothing that I can disagree with in the Bill Of Rights. Many, if not most of the problems that America has experienced since 1791, when the Bill of Rights was ratified, can be traced to the fact that our government has not always upheld these rights. The Bill of Rights tells us what the government cannot do, not what it can do. Why is it that a state like California can restrict my right of self defense with a gun, but they cannot restrict my right to an attorney, or a jury trial, if I am caught with a gun in their state. There is a big difference between a law abiding citizen and a law breaker. In case you didn't know. Gun laws are only observed by law abiding citizens and only hurt law abiding citizens. This is why I oppose any new gun laws. When I visited California in 2016, in compliance with their laws, I placed my guns in a lock box. My ammunition was placed in a separate lock box. That is where they remained, the entire time I was in California. This left my family, and myself, virtually defenseless and dependent on their police force. Who were pretty much guaranteed to arrive after I no longer needed them. In every state on the way to California, I was able to carry my weapon. Contrast me with the 19 year old man who bought an Ak 47 in Nevada and shot eleven people at the Gilroy California Garlic Festival, killing three. This man would be classified as a law breaker who broke numerous laws in the process. Can you see the difference? Oh yes, guns in the hands of police officers stopped the man from killing more. Law abiding citizens like myself, who were at the festival, were unable to do it sooner because of California law.

In 2009, Nikki Goeser was being stalked by a man in Nashville. She and her husband Ben Goeser ran a mobile karaoke business. Nikki was very well trained with a pistol, but because she was a law abiding citizen she would leave her gun in her car when doing karaoke gigs in bars. At that time in Tennessee, you were not allowed to carry a gun where alcohol was being consumed. The law has now been changed. You can carry a gun as long as you are not drinking. That did not help Nikki in 2009, however. She watched in horror as the monster who was stalking her emptied a revolver into her husband killing him dead. She knew he was there, and had asked management to remove him from the bar. Too late, the stalker was the only one in the bar with a gun.

Suzannah Hupp was eating with her parents at a Killeen Texas Luby's on October 16, 1991 when a monster drove his Ford Ranger pick-up truck through a plate glass window of the restaurant and systematically executed twenty three people and wounded twenty seven. Ms. Hupp was able to get out alive, but her parents were killed. Just before walking into the restaurant she left her pistol in her car because there was no carry law in Texas in 1991. She was haunted by the fact that if she had had her gun with her, she might have been able to save her parents. Suzannah Hupp successfully lobbied for the first carry law in Texas, and this led to the carry laws that we now have in the majority of states in America.
Suzannah Hupp
  If I carry my gun in California, Chicago, or Washington D.C., where they have strict gun control laws, who is the real law breaker? Me or the government. Restricting my right to defend myself and my family is tyranny, pure and simple. I am a law abiding citizen now, but if the government ever tries to take my guns, I intend to uphold a right much higher than any law.



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