Friday, February 12, 2016

In Living Color

  The Millennial generation has spanned from the early 1980's to the early 2000's. A new poll suggests that the majority of this generation prefers socialism over capitalism. They are susceptible to the unrealistic promises of a Bernie Sanders aka Santa Claus. This is disturbing, but not surprising, since the Millennials have been the most liberally indoctrinated generation by American public schools and our higher education system. They do not remember or weren't born during the presidency of Ronald Reagan or the Cold War. My generation, the  Baby Boomers, were taught that America was exceptional and that capitalism was responsible for unprecedented prosperity. That even with our many flaws we were the greatest country in the world and the world was better off because we existed. We saved the world from the Germans, Japanese and ultimately the Commies. The Millennials on the other hand have been taught that we are the worlds oppressors. This is primarily a white country that has oppressed Indians, Blacks and all people of color at home and abroad. America is nothing special and capitalism sucks. They are the generation that all came home with a trophy and nobody kept score. Didn't want to offend anyone. Never mind the fact that their nice homes, cars, IPODS, cell phones, and HD flat screen TV's were produced by a capitalist system.
Top picture is Berlin with the wall. Bottom is today

  The Boomers on the other hand had a visible contrast between socialism and capitalism. It was the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Whenever we saw pictures of the Communist bloc it was obvious that a capitalist economy was superior. They were a society in black and white while we were a society in technicolor. There was a physical wall built between east and west. We could actually see people dying while trying to escape from that black and white world. American GI's that were stationed in West Germany, during the Cold War, saw it first hand like this eyewitness account from an American veteran. "I was with B Company, 4/6 INF stationed in Berlin from 1974-1976 and had a 11B (Infantry) MOS. What a great city West Berlin was, great food, stink beer though (Berliner Kindle) but great people who liked Americans. Well except for the few surviving Nazis, but they were few. The east on the other hand was depressing and the fear in the eyes of the people is something I will never forget".The end of the Cold War improved the plight of the people living in that world and the contrast is no longer so evident. Unless we can find a way to give our young people, a real education, this trend toward socialism will continue and we will one day find ourselves in a black and white world. I heard a great quote this morning that is very applicable to those who leading us down that path. In order to control the present we must eliminate the past.        

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