Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Peace" In Our Time

Iranian women before the Islamic Revolution

  My good buddy Steve Wilson threw me a few curve balls. Since I could write a thesis on each issue I wanted to address each one in this way. Steve said that he agrees with Obama's Iran treaty. I don't because I look at Iran in much the same way as Ronald Reagan looked at the old Soviet Union. He called it the "Evil Empire". Iran is an evil empire wannabe. Reagan came to detest the policy of Detente with the Soviet Union. It was believed by the old power order in America that containment was the best approach to keeping the Soviet Union in line. The only result of detente was that it delayed the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union. From it's inception the Soviet Union had always been a society on the brink of economic collapse but for the support of the west. The empire was held together by military force. A large part of its population yearned to be free but as long as the Soviets could have its cake and eat it too they were able to stay afloat. Meaning that they could continue building their military and feed their people at the same time. Even V.I. Lenin believed that there would always be a Soviet Union as long as there were capitalists to support them. The man of steel, Joseph Stalin, even feared the consequences of a bad wheat crop. Reagan realized that the Soviet Union was a deck of cards waiting to be blown over and he would provide the wind. He ended detente and began building America's military forces which in turn forced the Soviet Union to choose between guns or butter. Far too late the Soviet Union was forced to choose butter but by then the deck of cards came crashing down. The freedom movement kicked into high gear and the Soviet Union ceased to exist. We had the opportunity to do the same thing to Iran. It has been an oppressive society, in many ways even worse than the Soviet Union. Early in Obama's presidency a Democratic movement was harshly crushed by the Iranian regime. Obama stood by and did nothing. However he was very supportive of the Arab Spring which spawned radical Islamic regimes, especially in Egypt. Luckily the Egyptian people took their government back to Obama's dismay. The sanctions imposed against Iran were having the desired effect. The regime was hurting. Obama comes along and rescued Iran from eventual collapse by negotiating this ridiculous treaty. We effectively have nothing to show for it and no way to verify if Iran is in compliance. In my view this will result in a nuclear Iran, which in turn pledges death to both the big satan, America, and the little satan, Israel. In addition Iran has 170 billion dollars of our money to kill Americans. Obama's Arab Spring policy, his Iran policy, and removing all American troops from Iraq has destabilized the entire region and moved us closer to a nuclear Armageddon. I have no doubt, that Iran like North Korea, will have nukes. Bill Clinton's policy toward North Korea was very similar to Obama's policy toward Iran. A nuclear Iran will be our worst nightmare.

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