Saturday, April 5, 2014

James Wilson Winn

Grave of James Winn in the Confederate Cemetery in Franklin Tn.

  James Winn was a Confederate soldier born on July 21, 1848 and was wounded in the battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864. He died the next day on December 1st at the age of sixteen. After the war John and Carrie McGavock, the owners of Carnton, paid a Mr.Cuppet five dollars to disinter dead Confederate soldiers from the burial trenches and shallow graves where they had been buried on the battlefield and place them in a cemetery besides the McGavock family plot. The men were buried in sections by states and each man's name was logged in a record book that was kept in a safe place by the McGavock family. The book still exists and is kept in the McGavock house today. Month's after the battle the parents of James Winn appeared at the McGavock plantation in order to claim the remains of their son. When they realized the expense and trouble that the McGavock's had gone to, and the way that they cared for the cemetery, the Winn's decided to leave their boy where he was. Besides he was among his Georgia comrades who fell at Franklin. They left and a few weeks later returned with the same wagon. The McGavock's thought that they had changed their mind until they discovered that the wagon was carrying a tombstone and dirt. This one grave is unique from the rest because they built a rectangular stone frame and filled the frame with dirt from their farm in Georgia.

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