Thursday, December 18, 2014

Enhanced Interrogation

Water Boarding in Vietnam

  I just finished a fantastic book on World War II. Even though I have studied that war much of my life and have known many veterans of that war this book gave me an even greater appreciation of the absolute horror experienced by both soldiers and civilians. Over sixty million people died. Forty million of them were civilian. World War II was a war that we had to win. We were fighting an evil unlike anything that we have ever faced in the Nazi's and the Japanese militarist regime. Yes, we had our flaws as a society but they were not on a par with those of our enemies. While I was reading the book I told a friend, who is in his seventies, about some of the atrocities committed by the Japanese in the Philippines that were so horrible he refused to believe what I was telling him. In the Rape of Nanking Japanese soldiers made a game of throwing babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets. They forced sons to rape their mothers and buried people alive. In the Philippines they interrogated and tortured young women while placing sticks of dynamite in their vagina's. After they were through with them they blew them up. The atrocities that our troops endured on the Bataan Death March and later when they were crowded into Japanese death ships for shipment to Japan as slave laborers is unspeakable. On Chi Chi Jima they killed captured American pilots and ate their livers and hearts. George Bush 41 was shot down while bombing the island and came within minutes of being captured by the Japanese when he was rescued by an American submarine. The Nazi's were just as brutal and evil as the Japanese. Their sins have been highly documented over the years.

  Now we face an enemy as evil as the Japanese and Germans. There is nothing the radical Muslims will not do in order to advance their religion. Just the other day they killed 150 girls for not converting to Islam, some of which were pregnant. They killed 150 school children in Pakistan in retaliation for military action taken against them by the Pakistani military. ISIS is raping women, beheading people, and taking little children away from their parents. We are all aware, or should be, of what groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS are capable of. I still can't get the image of innocent people jumping to their death, out of my head, from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Although worship of the Emperor was a religion in Japan it was not a religion that they wanted to force on the entire world. They wanted to establish a regional empire called the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Hitler of course wanted to rule the world. Both had to be stopped. What is so insidious about radical Islam is that they want to establish a world wide caliphate ruled by one religion. Your choices are convert or die.This is the nightmare scenario. Obama can continue to refuse to name the enemy or even acknowledge that we are at war. Regardless of what he thinks they are at war with us. This war will never be over until one side or the other is annihilated.

  This unending war requires drastic measures. Is water boarding torture? Probably not because it is my understanding that many reporters and opposition groups have voluntarily endured water boarding and lived. Only three very evil terrorists have been water-boarded. If sleep deprivation, hunger and being cold is torture then we must assume our military, especially Navy Seals are being tortured. As far as the terrorists being sexually humiliated because our female agents saw them naked all I can say is, "poor baby".The Democrats as usual have shown their treasonous side by issuing their Senate report on torture in the middle of a war knowing that it will endanger American lives. I expect nothing else from them. Sometimes in war drastic measures are necessary to save lives. I was reading about a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge who said that he was questioning eight German soldiers trying to gain information that would save the lives. of his men. He said that he couldn't get any of the soldiers to talk. Finally running out of patience he put a gun to one of the Germans heads and blew the man's brains out. The rest of the men began talking and gave him the information he needed. The American said that veterans of that war never talked about what they did in combat. It wasn't because they didn't want to talk. They did. It was just that most people couldn't relate. How do you tell your wife or mother that you blew some guys head off in order to get life saving information. This is how I look at enhanced interrogation. It is not pretty but it is necessary.

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