Thursday, December 4, 2014

The State Of Race In America

  With all the hoopla surrounding the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and now Eric Garner in New York City you would think that the whole nation was one big Birmingham Alabama, circa 1962.  Of the three deaths, I believe the Grand Jury was probably wrong in the case of Eric Garner. In my opinion the police went overboard and the officer responsible for his death should be charged. However Eric's death had more to do with overzealous cops enforcing unreasonable cigarette tax laws in New York than race. They were simply acting as tax collectors. It is ridiculous that a pack of cigarettes costs an average of thirteen dollars because of liberal taxation policies. Eric was trying, right or wrong, to profit from selling individual cigarettes on the black market. The law he was violating was not worth his life. The real issue is that police brutality is a non-issue just like the imaginary Republican war on women was a non issue. These non-issues are distractions from the real issues like an eighteen trillion dollar national debt and the legalization of millions of illegal immigrants. These are just a couple of the many legitimate issues being ignored. As far as race is concerned the real issue is the slaughter of black people going on in large urban cities across the country. They are not being killed by the police but other blacks. Another issue being ignored is that more white people are killed by blacks every year than there are black people being killed by whites. At least sixteen teenagers have been killed by police since Michael Brown's death and only six have been black.

  Does racism still exist in America? Absolutely!! I see and hear it almost daily from a few friends and from some relatives. I don't encounter it as much as I did in my younger days. The more virulent racists are dying out. However there is a real frustration among whites because of the race pimps like Sharpton and Obama constantly stirring the pot. It is reminiscent of the race baiters of old like Theodore Bilbo, and Cotton "Ed" Smith who exploited their white constituents in order to keep them ignorant, poor and manageable. The same way that black politicians exploit their constituencies today. Under Obama there is more poverty in the black community than under George W. Bush. Regardless of  that fact 93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012.  The consequences of these protests and riots will hurt all races. No doubt police officers will avoid situations that could be controversial and it could deter good people from becoming police officers. Many Americans were sold a bill of goods when they voted for Obama. They thought they were getting hope and change. They got the change but no hope. Polls have shown that Americans have consistently rejected Obama's policies for change. Obamacare and amnesty for starters. As far as hope these voters would have benefited from reading Obama's book  (Dreams From My Father) . Obama's father was an angry black man. Obama's dream has become a nightmare for all Americans.  

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