Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warren Lipscomb

Warren Lipscomb is the flyer in the middle of the picture
  Over 26,000 American airmen died flying bombing missions over Europe in World War II. This is more men than the Marine Corps lost in the island hopping campaigns of the Pacific war. Tod Haffield, who is my nephew by marriage shared this picture with me of his grandfather's B-17 that barely made it back from a mission bombing a German railroad yard. I believe that the plane was hit by flack killing the ball turret gunner. I have seen many pictures of bombers that survived with massive battle damage but this bomber has more damage to it's fuselage than most pictures that I have ever seen. His grandfathers name was Warren Lipscomb who is the airman squatting in the center of the picture. He was a door gunner if I am not mistaken and in my opinion a very brave and lucky man to survive the war in one piece. Todd has every right to be very proud of his grandfather. There are far too few Warren Lipscomb's in the world today.

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