These pictures are of three of the richest men in American history. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Rockefeller. The political left has so distorted history that these men and so many others like J.P.Morgan, George Eastman, Jay Gould, Julius Rosenwald and I could go on and on were called the so-called "robber barons". They have been portrayed by the left as ruthless, cold blooded men, whose main goal in life was to trample on the poor and squash labor unions. This myth has persisted until this day and by extension to the rich of our day. Obama was able to successfully exploit this myth by exploiting class warfare and promoting "redistribution of wealth" and it helped win him re-election. Remember his famous comment "they didn't build that'. The so-called "robber barons" of medieval times lived in castles above the Rhine River and by force charged boat operators a fee to use the river for commerce, which was passed on to their customers. This practice impeded commerce instead of promoting it.

  The American entrepreneur's on the other hand promoted commerce, kept prices low, even though many were guilty of monopolistic practices. John D. Rockefeller gave the common man a cheap form of illumination in providing lamp oil over whale oil. Yes Mr. Obama they built the greatest economy in the world. They were responsible for a rise in the standard of living for virtually all Americans. They provided millions of jobs. I would challenge everyone who reads this to learn for themselves how these men positively effected our economy and our history making us the richest country in the world. You cannot spread wealth unless someone creates it. They discovered new products and efficient ways of producing them. People like Charles Pillsbury, Milton Hershey, Joseph Campbell of Campbell Soup, Gustavus Swift and the Armour brothers in meat packing. Henry Heinz and Adolphus Busch. John D. Rockefeller's scientists created over 300 uses for a barrel of oil. In 1896 when Standard Oil controlled 90% of the world's oil market petroleum products reached their cheapest prices.

  Last but not least we have to discuss their philanthropy. They gave what in today's dollars would be billions of dollars for every kind of philanthropic endeavor under the sun. Many of their foundations are still operating today because of the trusts that were set up such as the Rockefeller Foundation. Andrew Carnegie established libraries in virtually every large city. Locally everyone is familiar with Vanderbilt University. They established Universities like the University of Chicago, M.I.T. or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The University of Rochester, Tuskegee Institute, and Spelman College in Atlanta, which was named after Rockefeller's wife. Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto said that charitable giving by the wealthy is "part of the bourgeoisie's desirous of redressing social grievances, in order to secure the continued existence of bourgeois society". Marxism hold's charity in contempt. Yet because of this tradition of giving, for the time being at least, America still hold's the record for charitable giving in the world. These men were trying to impact society. Most came from poor families and they wanted to build a strong middle class. These men, especially John D. Rockefeller, helped establish medical schools at Harvard, John's Hopkin's, and the University of Chicago in the late 1800's which gave us the greatest health care system in the world. True Capitalism does not produce poverty. Government's, by their interference in the Free Market system, cause poverty. In the immortal words of Reagan. "Government is not the solution, government is the problem'.

Cornelius vanderbilt

Andrew Carnegie

John D. Rockefeller


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